Mechanical Seals & Pump Parts



R.J. Industries, Inc. stocks major OEM replacement seals guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM requirements at lower prices. We offer mechanical seals in all types of material such as: Viton(R), Buna, Teflon, EPR, 316SS, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Hastelloy, Monel, and Carbon Graphite. We offer Type 21 and bellows type seals off-the-shelf, and can supply many other types such as:

Bellows Seals

  • No moving elastomers means no fretting and no hang-up
  • Self cleaning since centrifugal force throws dirt away from seal
  • Hydraulically balanced for higher pressures without increase in face heat which increases life of the seal
  • Low repair cost
  • Temperature range of -100F to 800F and pressure to 300PSI
  • Fits all ANSI pump designs

Cartridge Seals

  • Simple installation requires no measurements and cartridge clips ensure seal faces are set correctly
  • Seal faces are completely housed in cartridge and are never handled so there is no chance of damaging seal faces
  • No springs to clog or break
  • Minimal number of parts means less pieces to cause problems
  • No moving elastomers means no fretting and no hang-up
  • Low initial cost and low repair cost
  • Field repairable
  • Available in single spring, multiple spring, or welded bellows design
  • Cartridge clips allows impeller adjustment without disassembly of pump
  • Fits all ANSI pump designs
  • Available with pumping ring for barrier fluid and/or flush gland
  • Available in high temperature and/or high pressure designs

External Seals

  • Solves corrosion problem by exposing only compatible and/or inert material to the pumpage
  • Simple installation requires no measurements
  • Hydraulically balanced to handle pressure up to 150PSI without increased heat at seal faces to prolong life of seal
  • Seal is mounted outside stuffing box and is completely visible and able to be modified without disassembling whole pump
  • Low cost since no exotic metallurgy required
  • Field repairable
  • Low cost repair kits available
  • Fits all ANSI pump designs

Split Cartridge Seals

  • Complete pump disassembly not required
  • Simple installation requires no measurements and one allen wrench provided
  • Cartridge setting clips assure alignment, no special tools required
  • Impeller can easily be adjusted without dismantling seal by simply replacing clips
  • Seal faces are completely housed in pre-assembled halves and are never handled so there is no chance of damaging seal faces
  • Hydraulically balanced seal which allows seal faces to run cooler at higher temperatures
  • Works well with fibrous products
  • Springs are out of the product to eliminate clogging
  • Stationary design allows seal to handle misalignment and higher speeds
  • Can easily convert a packed pump to a sealed pump
  • Positive set screw drive assembly unlike other split seals which rely on clamped elastomers to drive and position seal
  • Fits all ANSI pump designs

OEM Brands - This is not meant to be a complete list. Contact us with your application!

Advantage Engineering (AEI), Allis Chalmers, Application Engineering (AEC), Atlas, Aurora, Baldwin, Banbury Mixer, Bell & Gosset (B&G), Berg, Bucyrus-Erie, Burks, Capitol Temptrol, Conair Thermolator, Conair Gatto, Cosmodyne, Crane Deming, Dean, Deming, Detrex Chemical Industries, Dunham Bush, Edwards Engineering, Enpac Chiller, Evapco, F.E. Myers, Futurama, Gaston County Dye, Goulds Pumps, Gusher Pumps, Hypro, Imeco, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson Extruders, Marlow, Mayer Refrigerating Engineers, Mokon, Molding Systems, MP Pumps, MTH Pumps, Multi Duty Mfg (MDM), Moyno, Myers Pumps, Neslab Instruments, Paco Pump, Peerless Pump, Polymer Machine, Price, Reeco, Schaub Engineering, Scot, Sherwood, SPP Pulsameter, Sta-Rite Industrial Pump, Sterlco, Supertrol, Taco, Thermal Care/Mayer, Trane, Viking, Weinmann, Worthington, and many others!!!

Impellers, Sleeves, Gaskets, etc.

We provide parts other than mechanical seals, also. We can help source hard to find pump parts. Contact us with information on your application!

Viton(R) is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.